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Cooked PTO shrimp

The Penaeus vannamei shrimp is a crustacean commonly known as shrimp, white shrimp or tropical shrimp.

It has a translucent shell of a uniform grey color. Its color varies according to the color of the soil on which it is raised. When cooked, the shell is a solid pink color and the flesh is white with a pink tinge.
It is harvested from March to October in Southeast Asia.
The harvest is carried out by gravity, using traps.

Naturally free of additives, chemical treatment may or may not be used, depending on our customers’ specific requirements.
We sell it deveined form, cooked with the tail.
Enjoy it in fritters, ready meals, kebabs, marinades or salads.

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Technical characteristics

Penaeus vannamei

From 31/35 to 91/120 (pcs/Lbs)

South-East Asia

March to October

Product information

  • Species : Penaeus monodon
  • Size : from 31/35 to 91/120 (pcs/Kg)
  • Net weight : 10 Kg
  • Origin : South-East Asia
  • Seasonality : from March to October
  • Ingredients : shrimp, E223 (if applicable)
  • Presentation : shrimp peeled except last phalanx, deveined (cut), cooked IQF
  • Process : harvesting, heading, grading, shelling, de-veining, sulphite treatment (if applicable), cooking, chilling, freezing, 10% compensated glazing, packaging, metal detector, storage

        Storage conditions :
        Maximum storage temperature: – 18° C
        Best before date: 24 months after freezing date


GMOs : none
Irradiation : none
Allergens : crustaceans, E223 (if applicable)

Microbiological criteria :

  • T.V.C. : 100 000 ge/g
  • E. coli : 1 ge/g
  • Coagulase + Staph : 100 ge/g
  • S.R.A. : 10 ge /g
  • Salmonella : absent in 25 g
  • Listeria mono. : absent in 25 g