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Cooked snow crab cluster

The Chionoecetes opilio crab is a crustacean commonly known as the snow crab.

Smaller than the king crab, the snow crab looks like a large spider. Its shell is orange-brown on the back and cream on the belly. In addition to its pair of strong claws, it has four pairs of long oval legs.
It is caught all year round in zone F.A.O. 21 (North-West Atlantic), using traps and pots.

The absence of any chemical treatment allows its taste qualities to be fully expressed.
We sell it cooked cluster.
Enjoy it in buffets or in cocktails.

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Technical characteristics

Chionoecetes opilio



All year round

Product information

  • Species : Chionoecetes opilio
  • Size : 340g+
  • Net weight : 4.536
  • Origin : Greenland
  • Seasonality : fished all year round in zone F.A.O.21
  • Ingredients : snow crab, no additives
  • Presentation : IQF frozen snow crab section
  • Process : fishing, grading, cutting, cooking, cooling, sorting, weighing, freezing in brine, 10% compensated glazing, packaging, storage

        Storage conditions :
        Maximum storage temperature: – 18° C
        Best before date: 24 months after freezing date


GMOs : none
Irradiation : none
Allergens : crustaceans

Microbiological criteria :

  • T.V.C. : 100 000 ge/g
  • E. Coli : 1 ge/g
  • Coagulase + Staph : 100 ge/g
  • S.R.A. : 10 ge /g
  • Salmonella : absent in 25 g
  • Listeria mono. : absent in 25 g