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Raw whole Pacific octopus

The Octopus vulgaris is a cephalopod commonly known as an octopus.

It has a muscular and rough body called a mantle, which is extended by eight arms bearing two rows of suckers. Its large head has eyes with fixed pupils. Its color varies and it can change very quickly from brown to white or yellow-orange to red.
It is caught all year round in zone F.A.O. 71 (Central West Pacific), using trawls.

The absence of any chemical treatment allows its taste qualities to be fully expressed.
We sell them whole, gutted, without beaks or eyes.

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Technical characteristics

Octopus vulgaris

300/500 (g/pcs)


All year round

Product information

  • Species : Octopus vulgaris
  • Size : 300/500 (g/pcs)
  • Net weight : 10 Kg
  • Origin : Indonesia
  • Seasonality : fished all year round, depending on the available biomass, in zone F.A.O. 71
  • Ingredients : octopus, water, salt, E331
  • Presentation : whole cleaned raw octopus, gutted (without beak, without eyes) deep-frozen block
  • Process : fishing, sorting, cleaning, grading, removal of eyes and beak, freezing, packaging, metal detector, storage

        Storage conditions :
        Maximum storage temperature: – 18° C
        Best before date: 24 months after freezing date


GMOs : none
Irradiation : none
Allergens : molluscs

Microbiological criteria :

  • T.V.C. : 100 000 ge/g
  • Fecal coli. : 10 ge/g
  • Coagulase + Staph : 100 ge/g
  • S.R.A. : 10 ge /g
  • Salmonella : absent in 25 g
  • Listeria mono. : absent in 25 g