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Cooked mussel meat

The Mytilus chilensis mussel is a bivalve commonly known as a mussel.

It is recognisable by its black shell and orange flesh and differs from Mytilus edulis by its blue-black, brown or sometimes brown shell with black stripes.

It is harvested all year round in Chile, on ropes.

The absence of any chemical treatment allows their taste qualities to be fully expressed.

We sell them cooked mussel meat. Mytilus edulis can also be sold in this form.

Enjoy them as cooked shells, in seafood cocktails or in puff pastry.

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Technical characteristics


200/300 (pcs/Kg)


All year round


Product information

  • Species : Mytilus chilensis
  • Size : 200/300 (pcs/Kg)
  • Net weight : 9 Kg
  • Origin : Chile
  • Seasonality : harvested all year round in Chile
  • Ingredients : mussels, no additives
  • Presentation :  cooked mussel meat, IQF frozen
  • Process : fishing, cleaning, sorting, cooking, cooling, mechanical shelling, washing, checking, freezing, 10% non-compensated glazing, grading, packaging, metal detector, storage

        Storage conditions :
        Maximum storage temperature: – 18° C
        Best before date: 24 months after freezing date


GMOs : none
Irradiation : none
Allergens : shellfish

Microbiological criteria :

  • T.V.C. : 100 000 ge/g
  • E. Coli. : 1 ge/g
  • Coagulase + Staph : 100 ge/g
  • S.R.A. : 10 ge /g
  • Salmonella : absent in 25 g
  • Listeria mono. : absent in 25 g

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