Organic raw shrimp peeled deveined

Our organic Penaeus vannamei is farmed in the north of Peru, and has been organic certified for more than 10 years.

Thanks to a safe feeding and wild-like growing conditions, our shrimp presents a natural pigmented nice color.
The feed used is organic certified, without processed animal proteins, and the fish flour as a component comes from artisanal fishing.
We do not administrate chemical treatment nor antibiotics.

Its specifications:
-Shrimp grown throughout the year, on a 3 cycles basis, in extensive ponds
-Small densities: maximum of 10 shrimps per m²
-Open sky ponds, without liner at the bottom
-Frequent controls on water and soil quality
-Prohibited eye-stalk ablation
-Stressfree harvest with creels
-Bright shrimp when leaving water!
All of this allows its gustative qualities to be fully expressed.

Our organic shrimp has a sweet taste, a firm flavored flesh.
It can be appreciated in salads, ceviches, skewers, cassolettes or stir-fried with garlic and olive oil.

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