Raw squid slice

The Loligo spp. squids include 2 species that we sell:
Loligo gahi ou Loligo patagonica, also called Patagonian calmar or squid. It is caught from February to June in the South-Western Atlantic ocean (FAO zone 41) or in the Pacific ocean (FAO zone 87).
Loligo duvauceli, also called Indian calmar or squid. It is caught from January to March and from August to october in the Indian ocean (FAO zone 51)
The tentacles and arms are under the head and mantle. Its body can reach 40cm.
The catch is depending on the years, and require trawls, seines or lines.
We can offer the whole squid, in head and arms, sliced or in rings.
It can be appreciated in ready meals, seafood cocktails or paellas.
For more information, please visit the website www.fao.org

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