Our jobs

  • Sourcing
    Specialized in crustaceans and calmars, Crustamar controls its purchases through a performant sourcing since 18 years. Thanks to regular audits and visits done on production sites, Crustamar secures its sources of supply and strengthen the relationships with the suppliers.
  • Commercialization
    We put all our listening and solutions at the client’s service, in order to respond to your demands and respect your requirements.
  • The logistical follow-up
    Crustamar optimizes its maritime and terrestrial logistic flows to ensure the delivery in time, respecting the cold chain.
  • Secured sources of supply
    Crustamar relies on an efficient quality service, proactive by its regulatory watch.
    It enables the referencing of secured networks and the respect of the Hygiene package in order to deliver sure and healthy products.